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Junction of Beadon Road with Hammersmith Grove
Junction of Beadon Road with Hammersmith Grove, 1961
Photographed by Jim Hawkins in 1961
Click on picture [JH1] for an enlarged version
Junction of Beadon Road with Hammersmith Grove
March 2006
Photographed ny Richard Jennings in March 2006
Click on picture [RJ1] for an enlarged version

From: "Jim Lawes" <>

This is on the one-way system and to me it immediately looks like the 667's [and the 660 and 660's] approach to the Hammersmith Broadway destination. Those trolleybuses travelled eastwards [with two sets overhead wires] on the one-way system along Glenthorne Road, bore right into Beaton Road and then turning into Market Place where they halted.

I believe the locaton is at the junction of Hammersmith Grove and Beaton Road and the yellow building may still be there too.

I'm mystified however why the destination blind shows Hampton Court when there was still 100 yards of its journey to the Broadway to be completed. There was a trolleybus Depot on the opposite side of the Broadway, close to the eastern end of the Flyover and where the trolleybus in this picture could have been heading.

From: "Keith H" <>

This is Beadon Hill/Glenthorne Road at the Hammersmith end of its junction with Hammersmith Grove. the off licence is still there, next stop Hammersmith Metropolitan station.

Know it well - waited for a 266 just round that corner most of my school life!

From: "Geoff Bannister" <>

The picture is taken at Hammersmith inbound on the one-way system where Glenthorne Road meets Hammersmith Grove.

Trolleybuses used the short bottom end of the Grove to stand before returning along King Street.

I have a poor quality slide taken at the same corner in dismal weather - I think the weekend of the 662/664 closure in January 1962.

From: "Richard Jennings"

You're certainly right, Jim. Here is a picture [RJ1] of that same road junction [Beadon Road / Hammersmith Grove] taken this morning [6 March 2006]. You can see that the off-licence building, now Threshers, is the same as in picture JH1, and the chimney above it is also still there.

Just a minor quibble with the [former] title of this page. As far as present-day street names go, this is the junction of Beadon Road with Hammersmith Grove. It is not, as Geoff Bannister suggested, the junction of Glenthorne Road with Hammersmith Grove, which is actually a little way north of this junction.

From: "Colin Vaughan" <>

Jim is right as to the location, that 667 is on the correct set of wires for its journey back to Chiswick etc.