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Click here to connect to E-Petitions - West London Tram E-Petition - Consider Trolleybuses

As individuals we can perhaps influence decision making by petitioning the Prime Minister through e-petitions system to ensure that the environmentally friendly transport option of trolleybuses are properly considered for the Uxbridge Road scheme. Click on the icon for more information.

Click here to connect to Save Ealing's Streets web site Save Ealing's Streets

This organisation fights to keep the Uxbridge Road open to all through traffic before, during and after construction of the proposed tramway in the West London Transit scheme. Diverting 22,000 non-public transport vehicles per day down residential streets will pollute and congest these already crowded streets.

Click here to connect to web site - West London Tram

This is a database of various transport projects planned or underway in and around London, organised by mode and area with descriptions and reference links. Good background information on the West London Tramway scheme provided.

Click here to connect to Ealing Community Forum Ealing Community Forum

Polarized views on the tramway are expressed on this forum where the pro tram fanatics regard anyone against the tramway scheme to be a fully paid up member of NIMBY. Vested interests are to the fore and are often made by people who neither live in the area or will every use the tramway if it is built. Nevertheless postings relating to the tramway should be read as feelings run very high and it will help you to formulate your own opinion.

Click here to connect to LRTA web site pages on the West London Tram LRTA - West London Transit

This is a non-profit making and financially - and politically - independent body, with the principal object of advocating and otherwise supporting the retention, extension and development of efficient public transport. Sadly their beliefs are "one size fits all" with the obsession that light rail transit systems or tramways are the right solution every time.

Click here to connect to the UK Commission for Integrated Transport report UK Commission for Integrated Transport

The laudable aims of Transport 2010, whereby 25 new light rail lines were envisaged by 2010, have not materialised. Currently there are 7 urban centres served by a light rail system, and, according to National Audit Office, 4 of these are running at a loss. This is a useable, practical guide to delivering the most appropriate mass transit system in a given situation.

Click here to connect to Ealing Council's web site page on the West London Tram Ealing Council's non-Support for the Tram

Council leader Jason Stacey has called for the West London Tram scheme to be dropped immediately after a Transport for London opinion poll revealed the majority of West Londoner's are now against it. Ealing Labour Party, led by its surviving Councillors, has joined the other two parties in opposing the tram in a dramatic 'U' turn; the Conservatives and Libdems were always opposed. Thus the Council's opposition is UNANIMOUS, by ALL Councillors including the Opposition.

Click here to connect to FOE's web site Friends of the Earth
Say Yes To West London Tram Campaign

This organisation has a belief that the only reason to the opposition to the tramway scheme is that opponents don't wish to be restricted in their ability to drive and park their 4*4s and 'people movers' wherever and whenever they want. They Attempt to demolish sound arguments against the scheme with sarcasm and half truths that ignore the bigger picture.
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Click here to connect to the London Travelwatch web site London TravelWatch

The official watchdog for transport users in and around London. The site provides up to date news about transport and travel issues in the London area, Their official stance is pro WLT Tram, and their well known member Libby Kemp is particularly pro-tram. An organisation perhaps lacking in independence for the benefit of the travelling public?

Click here to connect to Light Rail Now web site Light Rail Now

Nancy's troubles and serious problems with "guided bus" technology has been seized upon by the tramway quarter to illustrated that "pseudo-LRT" systems with extra-long, multi-jointed buses camouflaged as streetcar-like vehicles with LRT body styling are a complete disaster and that trams are really the only answer to provide a quality transit system. But of course trolleybuses don't need leading edge guidance technology to operate successfully in an environmentally friendly way.

Click here to search the Lib Dems web site for stories on the West London Tram London Assembly - Liberal Democrat Group

Check out the Lib Dems web site for stories on the West London Tram scheme and the political stance taken by them on this issue.

Click here for the TBus web site TBus Group

There are no practical battery or fuel cell technologies that are scalable for a large fleet of vehicles. The only realistic way to use electricity for street based public transport is to transmit the power via overhead wires to the vehicle. Tramway systems are herendously expensive to build whereas a trolleybus network can be constructed for much less, and be ready for revenue earning service much more quickly. Installation is also less disruptive. Trolleybuses are the affordable option with proven technology.

Click here to read this document Stagecoach Bus Strategy

We are not alone in thinking that light rail solutions are not always then answer to congestion problems and the ability to move a large number of passengers in one vehicle. Read this PDF document and decide for yourself if Manchester is on the right track. Just a great pity the concepts discussed don't consider electrical propulsion!

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Back the Bid at London 2012

Winning the right to host the Games from the International Olympic Committee [IOC] is an honour, an opportunity and a challenge. London is ready to deliver.

Click here for the Bromley Borough Roads Action Group web site Bromley Borough Roads Action Group

Taking a more general interest in all transport and associated environmental issues in the London borough of Bromley. Includes traffic management schemes, public transport, road safety, parking policies, air pollution, other transport environmental issues such as noise, and associated local and central government policies. Their prime objective is to promote improvements in the transport infrastructure while stopping wasted expenditure on unpopular, ineffective or inappropriate policies.

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