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A trolleybus based scheme [if judged fairly] for the Uxbridge Road corridor, could be justified on just the current 207/607 flows, with only a small increase [by modal shift or for any other reasons] gives a very good fiscal return. It is the tram option which must generate huge and unprecedented increases on all fronts [including modal shift]. If these are not achieved by even a small margin, the scheme will be a fiscal disaster of vast proportion.

The Civic Centre stop at Uxbridge c2009
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Graphics by Ashley Bruce While we do our best on this web site to give details of the alternative trolleybus option, site visitors must realise that behind it is a small group of people using their own time and resources, while the tram scheme has been [and is being] developed by a large number of paid staff in several organisations. Significant contributions to the content of this site have been provided by Irvine Bell, Ashley Bruce, Bruce Lake, Gordon Mackley, Simon Smiler, Chris Veasey and Dave Wilsher, while copyright holders of pictures have been generous in allowing them to appear on this web site. The webmaster of this site is David Bradley with technical assistance provided by Peter Wright.

No attempt is made here to dot every 'i', neither is every 't' crossed to demonstrate the wisdom of choosing trolleybuses, we will leave that to the reader. However, political pressure needs to be applied so that this option is considered in a fair manner rather than being pre-emptorily dismissed using false figures by an organisation that has a totally closed corporate mind.

Accusations that we are pursuing our own preferred mode irrespective of the facts is a strange inversion of reality. It is the pro-tram side that insist that it must be trams irrespective, and who refuse to consider any evidence at all to the contrary. This site does not suggest having 'more buses', but much superior electrically powered trolleybuses, to provide a much more attractive environment both for those inside and outside the vehicles.

Congestion along the Uxbridge Road corridor won't be solved by 'more buses', the introduction of trolleybuses or the building of a tramway, but congestion will be reduced [nothing will 'solve' or eliminate it in such a large, densely populated and generally economically buoyant urban area] by reducing the need for people to travel on the Uxbridge Road, by a 'package' of improvements such as:

  1. Providing a proper high frequency local train service 7 days a week on the parallel railway line through West Ealing, Hanwell and Southall [there's currently High quality bus shelter
Graphics by Ashley Brucejust a miserable 2 trains per hour 6 days a week];
  2. Providing new high quality rail and trolleybus links between places like Southall and central Greenford and the tube and rail services and other travel objectives at Northfields, South Ealing, Acton, Brentford etc, along existing transport corridors where possible, such as the Brentford freight rail branch and the unused or under utilised spare tracks on the Piccadilly Line west of Acton Town; on new routes where none currently exist, such as up the Brent Valley to Greenford;
  3. Electrifying as many as possible of the rest of the bus route network in London, to provide a proper high quality modern trolleybus network, instead of just one long thin tramway with just standard diesel buses on the rest.

Modal shift will be further encouraged by the provision of high quality shelter, seating and real-time service arrival information at the numerous bus stops in West London which currently lack these basic amenities.

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